Healthcare Toolkit

Navigating Health Care: A Toolkit for Employees and Employers

Navigating the world of health care and insurance is a challenge for all of us. Whether you’re just trying to find coverage or attempting to use it – our clients have been clear about how confusing and how costly it is. We know that there are many health care providers who deliver great outcomes for a fair price, so our goal is to help entrepreneurs find ways to partner more with providers who are doing just that.

Our first step was to develop a toolkit – one for employers and one for employees. There are choices about health care that are made at each stage in the process and those choices can help improve your health outcomes and save everybody money – our goal was to capture some of those key decisions. For health care questions, always be sure to consult with your employer, your broker if you have one, or your health insurance provider. We have even more resources inside the toolkit to help.

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